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We need to raise £650,000 a year to fulfil the anticipated demand for 3,500 of our specially adapted radios and combined radio/audio players. Requests for our sets come in daily.

Although advances in medical science mean more eye disorders are now treatable, there are still many people for whom there is no cure and who turn to us for a radio when they can no longer see sufficiently to operate a standard set.
No longer able to read or watch television, radio becomes a major source of news, information and entertainment for blind and partially sighted people – a lifeline to the world.
The importance of providing sets which are easy for a blind person to operate independently cannot be underestimated amd any amount you can donate to us or raise for us will make a difference.

Here are some examples of how your donation could help someone who is visually impaired:

  • £325 could pay for one of our Sonata plus+ internet radios to be provided and installed
  • £180 could pay for one of our Concerto2 multimedia players to be provided and installed
  • £130 could pay for one of our Duet 2 digital radios to be provided and installed
  • £100 could contribute towards the running of our dedicated in-house technical support line
  • £50 could cover one of our volunteer’s expenses to provide sets for to visually impaired people
  • £35 could provide a service or repair to one of our sets
  • £10 could provide a set of personal headphones for a partially sighted or blind person
  • £5 could pay for a follow up call to one of our recipients to see how they are and check how they are getting on with their set.


Give the gift of companionship by making a donation this Christmas

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There are plenty of ways you can fundraise for British Wireless for the Blind Fund. From tea parties and cake sales to pub quizzes and dog walks – there’s something for everyone.

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Donate in memory

Have you thought about making a donation in memory of a loved one? Many people are choosing to support the work of a charity as a way to honour the memory of someone who has passed away.

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A lasting legacy

Making a will is your opportunity to ensure your precise wishes are carried out after your death. We would be very grateful if you would consider remembering British Wireless in your will.

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A half price sale on our 2016 Christmas card stock is now on!

Help us to keep blind people in touch with the world by purchasing from our selection of Christmas cards and accessories.

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Other ways to help us

Even if you are not in a position to donate or fundraise for us - there are other ways you can support our work.

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