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It’s World Book Day!


World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors, books, illustrators and reading so we’re looking at how important audio books are to someone who is visually impaired.

The event, which is designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration, is being marked for the 20th year across the UK today (Thursday, March 2nd).

It take places in more than 100 countries all over the world and aims to encourage children to read by celebrating everything to do with literature.

Here at British Wireless, we know how important books are to everyone, but especially to those who are visually impaired.

We offer the full 83 hours of David Suchet’s Audio Bible through our streamed service on our Sonata radio.

British Wireless recipients can use their Concerto 2 radios to listen to audio books in whichever format they choose – tape, CD, USB stick or even SD card.

Whichever way people access their audio content, we are constantly hearing from them about the difference it makes to their lives.

One of our users, Dawn, regularly listens to audio books on her Concero 2 radio.

Despite being blind, she’s an amazing artist and often listens to a book while she’s painting.

She says: “When you put a talking book on it’s like someone is in the room with you.

“When I’m stuck in the studio and all on my own, I put one of my books on, I have got a collection of them.”

And Ron, who was an avid reader before he lost his sight later in life, also has one of our Concerto 2s.

He had a huge collection of books so was keen to find other ways of enjoying them and he says to be able to have all his books in one place now is brilliant and makes things a lot less complicated for him. 

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