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The British Wireless for the Blind Fund Agents

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British Wireless for the Blind Fund aim to provide recipients with a choice of high quality, specially modified audio equipment. Our Agents help and support us to provide this service throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Agents include organisations i.e. local Blind Associations, Societies, Libraries, Social Services, etc.

Agents perform full assessments to establish that recipients are eligible to receive a set on a free loan basis. They ensure the listening needs of each individual are considered and that the appropriate set is identified to best meet the recipient’s needs. They deliver the equipment to the recipient and provide instruction and training in its operation.

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Contact David Beard by Email or by calling 01622 754757 if you need a username and password.

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"The Sonata is a fantastic and genuinely easy to use piece of kit. My 8 year old son, Stephen, who is also visually impaired, mastered it as quickly as I did and he too will get so much out of it."

"I have never really taken much interest in podcasts as I don’t like being tied to the computer for longer than necessary, but now I am discovering a whole new world of information that I can listen to anywhere in the house. I also love music and am having a great time exploring the phenomenal number of radio stations I now have access to."

"I’m truly delighted with this brilliant product"

Andrew Day