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About British Wireless for the Blind Fund

British Wireless for the Blind Fund has been providing specially adapted radios to visually impaired people for 90 years. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service to each individual who receives a new set.


For people with sight loss, life becomes a challenge; not just the difficulty of getting out and about, but also the everyday tasks that we take for granted - like turning on the radio in the morning to listen to the news.

British Wireless for the Blind Fund exists to help improve the daily lives of visually impaired people, who are unable to afford a specially adapted radio, by providing the equipment on free loan.

Having access to radio and everything it can offer is as important now as it was in 1928, when British Wireless was first launched. 

All of our specially adapted sets have features which make them easier to operate by someone who has lost their sight.

They utilise strong colour contrast, with yellow control buttons set against a charcoal grey background to help those with residual sight to distinguish the controls.

The larger controls are buttons or sliders with raised markings which can be easily distinguishd by feel and the sets themselves are robust.

As tone and clarity become more important to people who have lost their sight, all sets have high quality sound.

These features contribute to easy, independent, daily use, making a real tangible difference to the lives of those who receive our radios.

British Wireless is committed to providing a choice of high quality, specially adapted radio and audio sets on a free loan basis, undertaking to repair or replace equipment free of charge if necessary.

We are also committed to monitoring new developments in radio technology and endeavouring to adapt these to the needs of recipients where possible.


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