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About The British Wireless for the Blind Fund

What we do

The British Wireless for the Blind Fund provides high quality, easy to use audio equipment which has been specially designed and adapted for listeners living with sight loss.

All our radios are made available on Free Loan to Blind and Partially Sighted people who meet our criteria. If you don't qualify, our radios are also available to purchase through BWBF Direct.

BWBF offers a range of sets to meet different needs, from the simple DUET 2 digital radio to the comprehensive CONCERTO 2 and the SONATA PLUS, our unique wireless internet audio player, with an audible programme guide.

We aim to keep at the forefront of audio technology, responding to changing needs and technologies, investing in research and development to ensure our sets are equipping people for the needs of the future 

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Our history

Winston Churchill

The British Wireless for the Blind Fund was founded by war hero Captain Sir Beachcroft Towse, VC, KCVO, CBE, who lost his sight in the Boer War in South Africa in 1900. Captain Towse was awarded the Victoria Cross for two acts of gallantry. For the first, in 1899 at the battle of Magersfontein, he supported a mortally wounded comrade until help arrived, and for the second, in 1900 on Mount Thaba, he and his force of 12 men succeeded in driving off 150 Boers despite being vastly outnumbered.

It was during this attack that Captain Towse received the serious injury that cost him his sight.

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Our patrons

We are delighted that these well-known celebrities are willing to support us - click here to read the reasons why these famous friends take an interest in our work.

Our Heritage

Chrystal Set

British Wireless for the Blind Fund has been providing radios and audio equipment to visually impaired people for 85 years.,

Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2012 British Wireless have been able to fully research and bring together the history of the Fund from 1929, when the first 100 Crystal radio sets were issued to the present day

Modernising our charitable objects

We are proposing to modernise our charitable objects. Technology is changing and so are the needs of our beneficiaries. The proposed changed will enable us to deliver a flexible and modern service, which is focused on the relief of isolation to visually impaired people by provision of equipment and services.

The proposed revised charitable objects are:

'The relief of isolation of those eligible to be registered visually impaired in the British Islands in such ways as the trustees think fit, including the provision of equipment and services.'

If you have a view on the proposed changes, or would like further information, then we would be delighted to hear from you, here is how to get in touch:

Please email or write to
Mrs Margaret Grainger
Chief Executive at
10, Albion Place
ME14 5DZ