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Volunteer case study - Daniel Adesanya (student volunteer)

People from all walks of life volunteer at British Wireless, including a number of students.

Daniel Adesanya
Daniel Adesanya

For younger people it’s a great way to gain experience of how a charity works and also working in an office environment.

Daniel Adesanya worked with us while he was studying before he left to start a career in banking.

He helped us out as a technical volunteer and says it’s the first time he felt he was treated like an adult.

His role was to update the radio stations database, help people over the phone who wanted stations added and fixing broken radio station links.

“About four years ago I didn’t know how to turn a computer on and, after being taught the basics of IT by a volunteer at the local library, I decided to repay the help by giving back to the community through volunteering,” he said.

“After searching for a place to volunteer, I chose BWBF.”

Daniel says he was able to quickly learn the tasks required, allowing him the opportunity to be able to work on his own within the space of a week.

It was his first office role and although it was voluntary, he says it taught him a lot including how to interact with people in a friendly workplace manner, building relationships along the way.

“The amount of assistance given to me to succeed in pursuing my career goal helped me in the right direction and to say it was an honour to volunteer with BWBF would be an understatement,” he added.

“They helped me grow as a person both in and out of the workplace.

“After leaving I’m sure I’ll be back to visit and thanks to them I will keep volunteering for a long time.”

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