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Support the British Wireless for the Blind Fund


Every day around 100 people in the U.K start to lose their sight.

Help us to reduce the sense of isolation and depression that this can bring, by making a single donation or becoming a regular donor, remembering us in your will or leaving a gift in memory of a loved one, which can be used to provide a radio or audio set to someone in need.

The sets we give can really make a difference - keeping people in touch and bringing the world to their living room.

Fundraise in your own community

There are many ways you can help fundraise for us in your own communinty. Find lots of help and support to get yourself started here.

Make a Donation

You can make a one-off donation through PayPal (you don't have to have a PayPal account). Click here to find out more.

Lasting Legacy

Using your Will today can help ensure our work flourishes in the years ahead. Click here to find out more.

In Memory Of...

Have you thought about making a donation in memory of a loved one? Many people are choosing to honour the memory of a loved one by supporting the work of a charity that the deceased person would have had an interest in. Click here to find out more.

BWBF Supporters


I am very impressed with my Sonata radio. I needed to configure it to access the web via my router, but once done it talked to me and I was very impressed with the service and the range of media available to listen to. I had some initial problems with stations and podcast cutting out after a few seconds and returning to the start, but Luke Williams was very helpful on the phone and made some adjustments on the server which corrected the problem.

For a long time I have felt internet radio has been denied to visually impaired people accept via a computer and its great to be able to listen and relax to such a great range of stations in the comfort of our living room. The menus are very clear and easy to use. Having access to a range of national magazines without having to receive cassettes and return them in wallets is brilliant. Even better is the National Talking Newspaper Service, which we have subscribed to, and find it fantastic having so many publications available at our fingertips. Well done BWBF for an excellent product!

Adrian Picton