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There are plenty of ways you can fundraise for British Wireless for the Blind Fund. From tea parties and cake sales to pub quizzes and dog walks – there’s something for everyone.

British Wireless for the Blind Fund relies on the generosity of its supporters to keep providing audio equipment to those who need it. 

There are many ways you can get involved in fundraising for us from organising a small event in your own town or village, to taking on a bigger personal challenge.

Here are a few of our fundraising ideas to give you inspiration:

Undertake a charity challenge 

And enjoy an experience of a lifetime! You could cycle or trek in India, Tanzania or China or take on an endurance activity in the Lake District. For more information, go to or

Take on a fitness challenge

There are plenty of fitness challenges you can sign up to in support of BWBF. You can cycle, walk, ramble, run or jog your way to raising money.

You could sign up to the London Marathon or the London 10k. Or why not organise your own event locally? You could do a dog walk with friends or a sponsored bike ride.

Whatever you fancy doing, we can help you get started. Please get in touch and let us know what you’re planning.

Hold a coffee and cake morning or quiz night

A traditional coffee and cake morning is the perfect way to raise money for blind and partially sighted people. Not only that, it’s also a great excuse to socialise with friends and meet new people.

This also goes for hosting a quiz night.  Maybe it could be held at your local village hall or community club. You could even start up a monthly event in your community. 

Go makeover mad 

Get sponsored to shave off that beard or moustache you’ve been growing, dye your hair BWBF purple, spend the day with your face painted or wear a purple wig to work.

There are loads wacky ways you can raise money for us. Go on, be brave!

Get crafty

There’s a wealth of talent out there and we’d like to see it put to good use. Do you sew, knit or crochet? Are you the next Mary Berry with exceptional baking skills? Or maybe you make brilliant birthday cards.

Whatever your skill – your handiwork could help raise vital funds for us. Whether it’s selling your wonderful wares to friends and family, or encouraging your school friends or colleagues to get involved, there are plenty of options.

Please let us know what you’re planning and we can give you the kit to get started.

Get your school involved

You could ask your teachers if you can spend a day fundraising for British Wireless for the Blind Fund at school. Maybe you and your friends could have a non-uniform day, you could all do a sponsored silence, everyone could wear a purple item of clothing or you could bake cakes to sell.

There are lots of ideas, so if you get in touch with us we can help you get started.

Host a Body Shop party

Another way you can raise money is to host a Body Shop party in your home. Invite your friends and family round and a consultant will bring round a selection of lovely products for you to try and buy.

A percentage of everything sold will come to us. You could also sell ‘lucky squares’ as well – which means winners get Body Shop prizes and proceeds go to BWBF. What a great way to raise money. 

Other events

These are just some of our fundraising ideas – anything you do to support us will be hugely appreciated and will make a real difference.

So whether it’s a golf day, band night or even a pamper day – if you can organise it we can support you. 

We can help by providing posters, collection tins and leaflets, so please get in touch and tell us about your ideas.


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