Bumblebee from Britsh Wireless for the Blind Fund

Bumblebee - powered by British Wireless for the Blind Fund

Bumblebee is an easy to use app specially designed to give visually impaired listeners simple, portable access to a huge range of internet audio content.

BWBF has always been committed to researching and developing new assisted technologies, ensuring we meet the changing listening needs of people with sight loss.

We have moved to keep on top of these fast-paced technological updates and are very proud to have added our bespoke app, Bumblebee, to our service.

Historically we have provided radios which have evolved over the years, first becoming digital and then moving into internet radio, but always providing companionship to those who cannot see.

Now, Bumblebee has brought us into a new era of audio technology. It has been developed in-house to change the way we deliver our existing streamed service and is designed to alleviate the frustration blind people can feel while navigating smart devices. 

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