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Imogen and Declan

Nine-year-old Imogen and her brother Declan, 13, are both totally blind. They were born with a condition called Leber’s congenital amaurosis – a rare eye disease which means the cells of the retina do not detect light.

The siblings, from Derbyshire, each have one of our Concerto 2 radios and mum Jacqui says they have made a real difference to their lives.

Imogen enjoys listening to story CDs during the day and at nightime to help her get to sleep, while Declan is always listening to football matches, sports phone-ins and music.

The Concerto has the function to record and play back and Imogen loves to record things.

“Imogen and Declan love their sets,” Jacqui says. “They are a Godsend and I don’t know what they would do without them.”

Imogen said: “I am very pleased with my Concerto. I use it every day and I love it a lot.

“I like all the feely bits on the buttons so I know which ones to press and I think it’s clever you can plug a microphone into it and the sound is very good.”

Declan trains regularly with the England Blind Development Football Team and would love to represent England in the Paralympics in the future. He has had his radio since he was eight and learnt how to use it within 15 from the demo CD the unit comes with.

Jacqui added: "Without Wireless For The Blind, Declan and Imogen would not have such accessible units which enable them to listen to their music and football matches and do recordings."

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